My Health Journey

If you knew me 10 years ago, you’d know that I was struggling with not knowing how to sustain a healthy lifestyle which left me constantly fatigued, drained, full of brain fog, and never feeling 100% myself. One day I was tired of being constantly tired. I’d had enough of feeling bad about feeling bad, feeling irritable, and not being able to accomplish what I wanted to do in life and set a great example for my kids.

I knew something had to change, which led me on a path to get my bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Health Sciences, become a yoga teacher, and walk the path myself to healing and wellness. 

A decade later, in my 40s, I actually feel the best I’ve felt in my life -I’m confident, energized, and feel more alive, like I have become the truest version of myself, finally! It is a great feeling and one I want for you too! Making my passion for health and wellness contagious is what I’m all about. 

If you have been thinking of making a change for weeks, months, or even years, and now you know you are ready to take on this journey of transformation, then I’d love to speak with you and connect about how my work can help you get the results you’re looking for.

My passion is to help you achieve your health goals so that you can live with more energy, joy, and freedom to be authentically you!

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My credentials include:
200 YTT Certification
from the Integrated School of Yoga.
Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Health
Master’s degree in Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine (expected Dec 2024)
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My skillsets and experience include:
I listen
deeply to each person’s unique journey
and goals and can personalize my offerings to fit their needs.
I’ve been a business owner for over 15 years, so I know what it takes to build
something from the ground up and stick to it!
Being a team player and getting to respect and honor each person’s individuality as we work together toward shared goals.
I am passionate about sharing care and compassion for our furry friends hosting fundraisers for animal sanctuaries in my free time.
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My purpose is to use my compassionate nature to understand others and to use my hard-work ethic to help others so that we can live harmoniously, joyfully, and lovingly together. I work to contribute to a world in which we are content within ourselves and extend that kindness to every creature and living being on this planet since we honor the sacredness of the lives that we get to share.

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Meet Our Master Product Maker

Jennie is our master product maker and formula designer. She does research into what ingredients will be the absolute best fit for our products to reach maximum results. Jennie is also a complete animal and planet lover and makes sure that whatever ingredients she chooses are sustainable, healthy, natural, and locally sourced when possible. She hopes these products make you as Happi and they make her when she’s making them.