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Our goal at Happi Health Living is to help you live your absolute happiest and healthiest life possible!

We have created some amazing courses for you to take your health and happiness where you’ve always dreamed it could go!

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The Energy Flow Course

In this course you will learn all about your specific energy type and how that relates to how you feel, what to eat, how to exercise, and more! You will learn why you feel a certain way when it comes to foods and the environment, why you have the body type you do, and how to eat and incorporate a lifestyle that will help you flourish! 

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The Detox Course

This course will take you through how to detox if you have built up toxins in your body. Built-up toxins, in Ayurveda, are called Ama, can slow you down, make you feel heavy and sluggish, mess with your digestion, and more. Detoxing before you get on an energy-specific meal plan will help clear out all your bodily channels allowing the new plan to be much more effective! 

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