Ladies Backpacking Retreat to White Pine


Hey you made it! We are going to have so much fun and make amazing connections on this retreat with other nature lovers and with your beautiful self. The hike to white pine is absolutely stunning! Because you can only hike to white pine, that means it’s very secluded, quiet, and a perfect place to relax and get your Mother Earth on! It is a 4 mile each way moderate hike that starts in Tony’s Grove, Logan canyon, with more uphill on the way back. We will stop and take lots of breaks and don’t worry, no woman left behind! 

We can meet at Tony’s Grove 9am Friday September 8th or if you’d like to carpool let me know. 

We will hike out Sunday morning after breakfast on the 10th. 

This retreat focuses health, connecting to your inner self and connecting to nature. 

Activities include: 

✨An Ayurvedic Health consultation.  We will discuss your health goals/concerns and make an individualized plan you can follow based on the consultation. 

✨Each night we will have a guided meditation under the stars. 

✨Morning yoga flow for beginners and all levels

✨Time in nature with guided journal prompts focused on health and mind-body connection 

✨Plant scavenger hunt with a prize for the winner! 

✨Hiking, nature walks, and exploring the area. 

✨Cultivating mindfulness and self-care workshop. Self care doesn’t always mean bubble baths and pedicures—sometimes it’s about educating yourself on how to care for your body and mind. We will focus on the mind-body connection and how to grow that connection. 

✨All activities are at your desire. Don’t feel obligated to participate in anything you don’t feel aligned with. 

The retreat is $250 per person with all meals included. There is a parking fee if you park at Tony Grove or there is a free parking lot a quarter of a mile down the road I can pick you up. You will want to bring your own snacks. Something light to carry such as nuts, protein/granola bars, or crackers. 

 You will need to provide your own backpacking equipment. If there is something you do not have email me I may have extras or we can share certain items. All backpacking items are listed below but you may bring what you like. Please email me with any questions regarding supplies/equipment. 

The Basics

Backpacking pack

Tent (+ stakes & ground sheet)

Sleeping bag

Sleeping pad

Cooking System
Eating utensil
Mug / cup (optional)
Biodegradable soap + small sponge (optional)
Water filter
Water bottles / reservoir
Bear canister / food bag

Hiking top non-cotton
Hiking pants or shorts
Underwear / sports bra
Hiking socks
Hiking boots or shoes
Warm base layer top
Warm base layer pants
Rain jacket + pants
Windbreaker optional
Sun hat
Extra hair ties

Safety & Navigation
Headlamp w/ extra batteries
First aid kit
Knife / multitool
Emergency fire starter
Backup water treatment
Itinerary left w/ friend or family member

Toothbrush + toothpaste
Lip balm
Hand sanitizer
TP + waste bag
Wet wipes
Quick dry towel optional

Misc. / Extras
Photo ID, cash, credit card
Hiking poles
Cell phone (no cell service at white pine!) 
Camera, battery, memory card
Battery bank & charger cords
Backpacking pillow
Journal + pen (provided) 
Lightweight chair / sit pad optional
Extra trash bag & ziptop baggies

You may also choose to bring a hammock and sleep under the stars! 

My passion is to help you achieve your health goals so that you can live with more energy, joy, and freedom to be authentically you!

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