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What is
Nutritional Coaching?

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Coaching helps you get to the bottom of persistent issues that you’ve tried to resolve yourself.

When you are frustrated that nothing you’ve tried is working or sticking, having a coach to help guide you and hold you accountable can support you in moving from stuck to thriving!

As a nutrition coach, I not only help you figure out what is healthy and sustainable for YOUR body, but I give you tools to be successful and cheer you on along the way!

Assessing Your Personal Energy Flow

to remove blockages and free up your most valuable assets: your energy, your ultimate health, and your radiance!

Finding your WHY

to assess what has worked so far and what hasn’t and to connect to your deepest intention and highest aspirations.

Setting Realistic Goals

and focusing on one goal at a time so your changes can be long-lasting and sustainable and achieved in small incremental steps.

Learning about nutrition

to find foods and routines that work with your energy so that we can hone in on what makes you feel healthy, happy, and your absolute best self. 

Celebrate your wins

so that you don’t just focus on improvement but also take time to see how far you’ve come!

Your body will be with you until the end. Let’s make the most of it.


  • Apply for your free ~30min consult
  • Have a complimentary consultation to share your challenges and aspirations and to see if working together is a good fit!
  • First Formal Session ($80 each), Set the Coaching Goals & receive Nutrition Questionnaire
  • Choose weekly or bi-weekly session flow 
  • Most clients see results and enjoy working together with ~8-15 sessions over several months, but it varies person to person

Who is this for:

  • You genuinely want to learn about building a healthy lifestyle and you are committed to make a lasting change

  • You are open-minded and eager to learn and implement new ideas and habits 

  • You want to love the skin you’re in from the inside out instead of aiming for the ideal “beach body”

  • You know that getting aligned health-wise is the biggest gift you can give yourself and those around you

Who is this NOT for:

x People who expect overnight results or are interested in fad diets 

x People who don’t want to put effort in or trust the process (sorry, no magic wands here!)

x People looking for treatment of a major health condition *In those cases, my work can be done in conjunction with a doctor’s plan.

Happi Health Living Offerings

I provide in-person sessions in Salt Lake City, Utah and remote Nutritional Coaching services over Zoom. All sessions run for up to 60min.

Our work together begins with a consultation and assessment to create a customized program that takes into consideration your current condition, your specific nutrition goals, and any special circumstances you may want to address.

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For those located in Salt Lake City, evenings and Monday sessions are available in person at Kim’s office.

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To enjoy a session from the comfort of your home, Zoom sessions are available online from anywhere in the world, Monday -Friday.

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For the duration of our coaching work together, enjoy complimentary access to my Online Recipe Book, which has options for healthy eating which you can tailor to your lifestyle, particular energy flow, and specific dietary needs.

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